Terms and Conditions

Gratitude Stories: Terms and Conditions

Please read the Gratitude Stories Terms and Conditions before submitting your story for consideration.

1. You may submit one story (maximum 500 words).

2. All submissions should be made by completing the online form.

3.  The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Thursday 20 May 2021. No allowances will be made for work that arrives later than the deadline and no responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed.

4. The Gratitude Stories project is open to all ages. If you are under 18 years of age you will need an adult to approve the submission and agree to these Terms and Conditions on your behalf. The adult can be a parent, guardian or teacher. The adult must provide their own contact details.

5. Your story should be a personal story about a key worker which showcases or pays tribute to the amazing work they have done during the pandemic. The story can be about yourself, for example if you work as a key worker or if there is something a key worker has done for you personally that has made a difference to your life.

6. When planning and writing your story, please ensure it is appropriate for public broadcast, bearing in mind that the audience will be broad-based and of all ages. Stories that are overtly religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. Corporate advertising is not allowed.

7. Incomplete submissions or stories which do not comply with the Terms and Conditions will not be accepted. No submission can be returned.

8. You bear sole responsibility for the story which you choose to submit. You must be the sole author and owner of all intellectual property rights of the work submitted, or if the work is not your own in full, you must have sole permission in writing from the copyright owner/s to use his/her work. Source material or proof of permission in use of another person’s work must be made available on request. Wild in Art does not accept liability in the publication of any reproduced stories.

9. Wild in Art reserves the right to moderate all submitted stories before recording, broadcast or publication.

10. In submitting a story, you acknowledge that if your story is selected for inclusion in Gratitude Stories, the public will hear and read your story and may share that content.

11. In submitting a story, you acknowledge that, if selected, it may be shared with a key public figure who will record an audio recording for use as part of the Gratitude display. Wild in Art’s decision on all matters relating to the voicing, recording, broadcasting or publishing of the story is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.

12. No payment or other alternative will be given for submissions or selected stories.

13. In submitting a story, you grant to Wild in Art an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable licence to publish, display, copy, modify, create derivative works from and distribute the story via the Gratitude app, the Gratitude and Wild in Art websites and Gratitude/Wild in Art’s other digital channels including its social media channels and podcast platform; and/or any newspaper or publication for example newsprint, Braille, talking book, podcast, audio download, audiobook, electronic databases, e-paper, mobile device application, electronic media or website, including mobile form or any other facsimile or derivative versions in any medium. You also grant to Wild in Art the right and licence to use the story in any way for the purpose of publicising Gratitude and Wild in Art events and to grant sub-licences on the same basis. 

14. In submitting a story, you consent to the use of your story, name and photograph in any promotional material and activity carried out by Wild in Art and its partners and suppliers without compensation.

15. Copyright and all other IP Rights in the story belongs to and remains with the author, but the author acknowledges they do not have permission to reproduce the story, on or in connection with the Gratitude sculpture or Gratitude collateral, for their personal gain.

16. Wild in Art reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend the project and the terms and conditions at any time.

17. Wild in Art is committed to protecting your personal information and will not to do anything with your information you wouldn’t reasonably expect. We will ensure that we look after your details responsibly – and that any organisation using your information on our behalf do the same. 

Your data will be used to process your submission and inform you about Gratitude. Subsequently, your data will be added onto Wild in Art’s database system to comply with our legal obligations.

All data provided by you may be used by Wild in Art for marketing, communications and evaluation purposes unless you opt out in writing. We don’t and never will sell or pass on any of your details to another organisation for them to use for their own purposes. We may, however, use third party organisations to help deliver services on our behalf, for example distributing our email newsletters or feedback questionnaires, managing participant lists for our events or managing media and PR.

The data obtained from your submission form will be stored and shared in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and any other data protection legislation which may amend or supersede the GDPR. As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, you can review more information about how we collect and use personal information via our privacy notice. 

18. In submitting a story and completing the online form you acknowledge that you have read and accept these Terms and Conditions and acknowledge Wild in Art’s Privacy Notice which explains how your data will be used.

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