NHS Charities Together

NHS Charities Together is the UK’s membership organisation of NHS’ official charities – the way the NHS legally receives, holds and spends charitable funds. These charities help the NHS to provide care and services above and beyond what it can do with tax payers money alone. NHS charities have been working alongside the NHS in this way since 1948. Collectively, NHS charities give £1 million every day to the NHS, improving patient care and experience.

In recent years, NHS charities have funded major capital projects, pioneering research and medical equipment at our hospitals, helping patients access the best possible care when they need it most.

They also play a key role in mobilising volunteers to support NHS staff, brightening wards and waiting areas with colourful and engaging art, and building an important link between our hospitals and our communities. Other NHS charities support mental health trusts, community health trusts and ambulance trusts.

About the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal

NHS Charities Together launched its Covid-19 Appeal on 23 March. The first wave of urgent funds were distributed to all NHS charities across the UK to support the immediate and practical needs of staff, volunteers and patients. NHS charities are also providing support for those organisations the NHS relies on such as hospices, community healthcare and social care, making sure patients have access to the care they need to make a full recovery and to stay well.  NHS Charities Together will also fund programmes to help reduce the long-term physical, mental and emotional impact of Covid-19, and to help the NHS to again provide ‘normal’ medical care and intervention alongside dealing with the virus.

Find out more at nhscharitiestogether.co.uk

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