Gratitude will feature 49 sculptures, each one uniquely designed by artists from across the United Kingdom. The open call for design submissions has now closed. We are currently reviewing the design submissions and sponsors will be able to view the design portfolio and choose their sculpture designs in March.


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Jessica is an illustrator and designer living and working in Birmingham. Recently completing her Master’s degree in Visual Communication, Jessica loves to create both digital and traditional work with a stron....Read more
Amrit Singh (artist name, MrASingh) is an award-winning artist from Birmingham who creates notable intricate art using various mixed media techniques and vivid colour. His art is a salute to nature’s beauty w....Read more
Nisha Grover is an artist living in the Midlands. Her work is inspired by nature and creation and influenced by folk art from around the world. She has a passion for intricate patterns and vibrant colours and ....Read more
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