Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics joins Gratitude

Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics

We are delighted to announce that Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics is joining Gratitude to support the project operationally.

“Atlantic Pacific are delighted to be a sponsor of Gratitude. As a logistics company we don’t always see ourselves as key workers and our sponsorship goes someway in recognising the efforts of our employees and appreciating the enormous sacrifices of the NHS. Atlantic Pacific is looking forward to safely moving the Gratitude installation and sculptures around the UK next year.” Kevan Childs, Director, Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics

“We are thrilled to be working with Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics on this exciting project. Gratitude will provide opportunities for 49 businesses to promote their brand, amplify their corporate messages and support NHS Charities Together. We want to hear from businesses, membership organisations and individuals who want to be part of an event that pays tribute to all key workers and which has the potential to touch many people’s lives.” Julie Gaskell, Head of Partnerships, Wild in Art

If you are interested in joining Atlantic Pacific along with a host of other business stepping forward to support the project, please contact Julie Gaskell, Head of Partnerships, Wild in Art on 07768 038912, email



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