Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope

Name: Beacon of Hope

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Jane Veveris Callan

The lighthouse is a traditional and iconic symbol of hope already used amongst some key worker organisations. The base has a design of rough seas and bears the inscription, ‘your light shines like a beacon of hope on stormy seas’. It is dedicated to all key workers who have given everyone hope and support during the Pandemic.

Jane Veveris Callan studied painting and printmaking at Art college and has been working as an artist for nearly 40 years. Her artwork often reflects and celebrates her love of nature, animals and the natural world, exploring human and animal figures and the landscape. Jane’s studio wood and linocut prints, based on her drawings, use the formal limitations of the block to explore, express and celebrate, her personal relationship with the natural world. She also loves the challenge of creating deigns for sculpture trails and being part of such exciting public art initiatives which engage people of all ages and support wonderful charities.

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