Double Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Double Bubble

Name: Double Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Guy McKinley

In creating this sculpture, artist Guy McKinley explored his 5 year old’s experience of the pandemic and how it differed to his own childhood. Reminiscing about the sweet shop near his Mum’s and the line of bubblegum and toy machines he loved as a child, Guy remembered the amazing colour, intricate metal work, the tactile handle you twisted, the reassuring clank and thud of whatever treat had been dispensed – full of hope and beauty. On a purely aesthetic level they just look so beautiful and so with all that’s happened, this design is inspired by hope and luck.

Guy McKinley is an artist/illustrator and sometime character designer who works within numerous fields, bringing his bold use of colour, design and character to any venture – brand work, animation, story books and more. Working mostly digitally but also with acrylic, spray paint and inks he has worked commercially on a wide variety of projects with lots of great clients and also produced his own original paintings and limited edition prints for exhibitions around Europe and the US.

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