Lockdown Pastimes

Lockdown Pastimes

Name: Lockdown Pastimes

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Lucky Pablo

This colourful design is based upon the hobbies and pastimes which kept us going throughout the pandemic such as baking, art and gardening. This period of all our lives has forced us to re-evaluate what’s important to us and through this time of upheaval, these pastimes have allowed us to value the smaller things and to reconnect with both nature and one another.

Lucky Pablo, a.k.a Jane Anderson and Ally Standing, are a Birmingham-based creative duo. They started working under this moniker back in March 2020 at the beginning of the first Covid-19 lockdown. What started off as a few nights spent compulsively doodling shapes, forms and symbols – just to take their minds off the troubling events which were unfolding – soon took on a new significance, and since then they have been doing their best to spread a bit of visual joy through their playful and folk-inspired designs.

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