Name: Pieces

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Mister Phil

Sponsor: edding

During lockdown many of us passed the time focussing on the minutiae of pastimes such as putting pieces of jigsaws together. As we ease our way out, now is the time to look outwards, think big again and start putting the pieces of our normal lives back together.

Mister Phil has a free-flowing, fun and lively style that he uses to create often unplanned artworks. He works in many mediums including murals, painting, digital illustration, 3D animation and more. He hopes that through the expression and movement within his work he can bring some happiness to those that view it.

For over 50 years, edding has been more than just a marker: they believe in freedom for everyone to make their ideas visible and express their personality. Whenever an edding is used, the personality of the user is reflected in the power of expression! From simple doodles to professional presentations or artistic designs – edding helps anyone to realise their ideas!

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