Stacks of Thanks

Stacks of Thanks

Name: Stacks of Thanks

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Ben the Illustrator

Stacks of Thanks is inspired by icons of gratitude, love and care, hearts and rainbows, a bouquet of flowers and the globe we’re all together on – all stacked up to fill the sculpture. The design features a clean, modern aesthetic along with some popping colours!

Ben O’Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator) has been working professionally for over 15 years, bringing his simple, graphic approach to everything from newspapers to coffee packaging, and from Twitter emojis to street signs. With clients including The Guardian, The NYC Department of Transport, Adobe and Elton John, Ben is passionate about bold colours and clean lines, minimising detail wherever possible! Ben usually works digitally in his illustration practice, however he often strays away from his computer to work with paints, fabrics and collage. Ben has a strong belief in hope and optimism, always looking for a way to tackle serious issues (including mental health and human rights) with bold, positive approaches to create forward-thinking solutions.

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