Super Stars

Super Stars

Name: Super Stars

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Edward Luke Thrush

Sponsor: Premier Inn

Super Stars pays tribute to the amazing work done by all key workers who have kept the country moving during the Covid-19 pandemic. It consists of uniformed figures representing various key workers, all delicately engaged in a balancing act, bending over backward and performing superhuman feats. It is painted in primary colours of just yellow, blue, red (the artist’s signature style), along with golden stars which allude to the title.

After completing a Fine Art degree in the mid-2000s Edward started designing bespoke wedding stationery for private clients before working on branding and large scale artworks and murals for the leisure sector. Most recently he has mostly been working with up and coming independent businesses, creating branding, site-specific artworks and artworking projects.

Premier Inn is supporting Gratitude to give thanks to the true heroes throughout the crisis. Premier Inn recognises it was all key workers, including their own, who kept the nation going through some of the most challenging times in a generation. Thank you for your hard work and commitment in the face of such extraordinary circumstances.

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