Thank You All

Thank You All

Name: Thank You All

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Oguzhan Secir

Sponsor: Southern

Thank you to all key workers deep from our heart. A colourful and happy future is waiting for us. We’ll all be running out in amongst nature soon. We just have to be patient.

Oguzhan Secir is a London based freelance illustrator, cartoonist, live scribe artist and whiteboard animator with more than 15 years of experience in illustration, cartoon, doodle and digital design who loves to draw fun and colourful cartoony doodles and characters.

Throughout the pandemic Railway key workers have worked across the country, to keep trains running for other key workers. As normality resumes, we can’t wait to welcome you back on board. Southern, Great Northern, and Thameslink are proud to be to be sponsoring Gratitude on behalf of all train operators.

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