Name: Us

Location: Birmingham

Created by: Karis Viola Lambert

Sponsor: Weslyan

This design is inspired by the brave key workers that have kept the UK running throughout the turbulent last 18 months. From nurses, to delivery drivers, teachers and skilled professionals, the sculpture aims to thank and celebrate the people we have renewed gratitude for. The Russian or Matryoshka doll imagery symbolises how we are all connected in a long chain of ‘us’.

Karis Lambert believes that creativity can connect people, and this is what her artwork tries to achieve. As a working artist, Karis makes paintings, illustrations, comics, and murals from her home studio in Manchester. She brings a precise, modern style to traditional media including pen and ink – often depicting significant places and surrealist portraiture.

Wesleyan Assurance Society has been helping people secure their financial futures for 180 years. Their original purpose was to help Birmingham’s factory workers save so that they had money for sickness and funeral expenses. Today they specialise in creating brighter financial futures for the professions we all trust. This includes doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers.

This Is Gratitude Art Trail