22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate is a new, people-focussed workplace destination, which completed in November 2020. The building, or Vertical Village, totals just over 1.25 million sq ft of both offices and shared spaces.

From its inception, the idea was that the building should be designed around the changing needs of business, embracing the themes of collaboration, open networks and shared purpose. This required a different sort of building; one that was designed to attract and sustain a community and founded upon the needs of the people that work there.

Within 22, there are multiple amenity floors, or shared spaces, covering eating, fitness, learning, wellbeing and socialising; these spaces allow 22’s occupiers, or residents, to choose how they work, and socialise around work.

The philosophy at 22, and every decision that is made, is underpinned by the four commitments, being: wellbeing, knowledge, inclusivity and sustainability.

Find out more at 22bishopsgate.com

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