Wesleyan – Birmingham

Wesleyan Assurance Society has been helping people secure their financial futures for 180 years.

Established during the Industrial Revolution, Wesleyan’s original purpose was to help Birmingham’s factory workers save so that they had money for sickness and funeral expenses. Over the years they’ve stood strong in an ever changing and often challenging world.

Today they specialise in creating brighter financial futures for the professions we all trust. This includes hospital doctors, GPs, dentists and teachers. Wesleyan aspire to build lifelong relationships with their customers providing a range of personal and commercial financial services from across the Wesleyan Group. Their mutual status is as important to them today as it was to their founders. As a mutual, they don’t have shareholders so they can work to benefit those who invest in their business – their customers and members. That is why they say “we are all about you”.

Find out more at wesleyan.co.uk

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