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This is Gratitude!

Welcome to the Gratitude Artist’s Toolkit. Congratulations on having your design selected! We very much hope that you are as excited about the event as we are.

In order that you get the most out of your Gratitude journey, we would like you to be fully involved in every part of this important and groundbreaking project. This toolkit will be updated throughout the project and is designed to give you all the information you need, including important dates for your diary.

The success of Gratitude will be enhanced by the continued support you are able to offer in the run-up to and throughout the event which will, in turn, create greater benefits for you.

The Gratitude Project Team

Note on Covid-19: Wild in Art take the safety of the public and our staff very seriously and are following the current Government guidelines in consultation with our event and location partners.


September 2020: Launch to the public. Sponsors invited to get involved.

1 November 2020: Open call to artists.

31 January 2021: Deadline for design submissions.

17 March 2021: 1st Art Selection Event. Sponsors invited to select their sculpture design.

End of May: Sculptures to be finished. Ready for collection in early June.

The following dates are embargoed so please do not share them externally:

20-30 August 2021: Event live in Birmingham.

3-12 September 2021: Event live in Manchester.

17-26 September 2021: Event live in Edinburgh.

1-10 October 2021: Event live in London.

12 October 2021: Auction in London

Event Locations

We are in the process of confirming the event locations and will share them with you shortly.

Key contacts

Annie Laughrin – Artist Co-ordinator: – 07961 674663 

Ben Reed – Project Manager: – 07572 926445

Julie Gaskell – Head of Partnerships: – 07768 038912

General enquiries –

Wild in Art – – 01663 308088

Marketing, Communications and Media

Should you get any media enquiries on the project, please redirect the journalist to the Gratitude press office at Sundae Communications: – 0161 278 1452.

The Gratitude Marketing and Communications Team can be reached at

Painting & Varnish Guidelines

Once you have had confirmation that your design has been selected by a sponsor, we will then arrange for your Gratitude sculpture to be delivered along with the varnish you will need. Here are some useful documents with guidance on painting and varnishing your sculpture.

If you have any questions, please contact Annie Laughrin (Artist Co-ordinator): / 07961 674663. 

Brand assets

As a Gratitude artist, you are entitled to use the Gratitude title and logo in your PR and advertising activities.

The Gratitude team must always see a pdf proof of artwork before it goes to print. Where possible, please allow 48 hours for approval. Artwork proofs should be sent as a pdf file to

To help speed things up, we’ve already created materials which are ready for you to use to promote your involvement. Please feel free to start using these straight away.

Download brand assets and guidelines

Download ready-made materials:

PR and communications

We would love you to promote your involvement in Gratitude!

We know that you will be keen to shout from the rooftops about it…and we can’t blame you because it’s going to be spectacular public art event that really makes a difference to the event locations, its residents and visitors.

With so many partners involved we ask that you comply with our marketing and communications guidelines: we don’t want something revealed ahead of our planned schedule, mixed messages that confuse, or there to be a clash of activity.


We would like to retain an element of surprise when the sculptures are revealed. For now, please only release/post elements of your sculpture taking shape or sections of your sculpture as ‘work in progress’. Please don’t reveal the full finished sculpture until Friday 20 August 2021 when the Gratitude event goes live.

We have created some example copy, which you are welcome to utilise:

Note: copy will be updated as we move through the Gratitude journey.

Please also remember to keep us updated with your own PR plans. The Gratitude Marketing and Communications Team should be notified of all details of your activity prior to its execution to check for any sensitivities regarding timing and duplication.

If you have a Gratitude PR story that you feel we would be interested in or plan to issue a press release about Gratitude, please contact the Gratitude press office at Sundae Communications: / 0161 278 1452.

We are also continually looking for content for our social media channels and newsletters – so if you have anything of interest, please contact us –

Social media

Like us on Facebook @Gratitudeinart and please encourage your networks to like our page.

Follow us on Twitter @gratitudeinart and use the hashtag #thisisgratitude #gratitude. You can also follow Wild in Art @wildinart and @NHSCharities.

Follow us on Instagram @gratitudeinart and tag images #thisisgratitude #gratitude.

Please also promote Gratitude on your social media channels tagging us in where appropriate (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, newsletters etc).

Link to from your website or social media channels. You could include it as a news story.

Top tip!

A picture tells a thousand words. And with our ever-decreasing attention spans, eye-catching photos and snappy films give us the chance to captivate our busy audiences. We just know that some behind the scenes footage of the making of a Gratitude sculpture will be very popular.

Take sneak peeks as you create the sculpture – just don’t reveal too much! We would like to retain an element of surprise when the sculpture is revealed on the trail. 



The Gratitude image library will grow throughout the duration of the event. You can download and use these images in your promotional materials – please credit the photographer as detailed in the individual files.

Photo opportunities

Any people included in your Gratitude photo opportunities must give permission for the images of them to be used for promotional purposes. A template Image Consent Form is available.

If children or young people are included in photo opportunities or interviews, parental permissions must be secured. It will be your responsibility to ensure this is done. Please liaise with the parents/school well in advance of the call to obtain the permissions.

Please also forward any photographs taken to so that they can be included in the ‘image library’ for general use. We recommend that you include the photographer’s credit within the file name and that you send large files via (or similar).

The Event App

As soon as we have a download link we will share it here. The App will cost £1.99 and 25% of the profits will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

We look forward to encouraging all sponsors to share the app downloads with their staff, friends and families when the event goes live.


As a Gratitude artist, you will be invited to the auction where you will be able to look on with pride as your sculpture raises money for NHS Charities Together.

Invitations to the auction will be sent well in advance to ensure a maximum audience and potential bidders.



Take a look at the FAQs here.



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