ART55 – Take Care of Each Other and Grow – Lockdown Hobbies

The Details:

Name: ART55 – Take Care of Each Other and Grow – Lockdown Hobbies

Artist: Fernandes Makes


This design is a playful appreciation of lockdown hobbies and the things we have learnt, the little things we enjoy and the things that have kept our hands and minds busy.

Starting with gardening and growing from the ground up, hidden in the foliage are some little critters and bugs for children to spot. You will also see seeds growing in loo roll inners, avocado seeds moving into house plants and creating calm by growing your own in home urban jungles.

With a nod to home baking, the infamous banana bread and eating all the pasta, you will also find the symbol of the NHS, a rainbow and drawings of home, arts and crafts in the form of drawings, pasta shape collages and making butterflies, cars and binoculars from loo roll inners for bird watching in the garden. The sculpture ends with puzzles occupying the mind.

Nicola Fernandes, known as Fernandes Makes, creates colourful, playful and fun gifts for the pessimistically optimistic in the form of greeting cards, art prints, ceramics and sewn projects. Nicola’s artistic work knows no discipline as she explores her creativity with a very tactile approach. There are no limitations as her work takes life in the form of wood, ceramics, paintings, soft objects, murals and interactive art events designed to engage, motivate and inspire you no matter what your level of artistic skills.

Inspired by nature, Nicola loves to paint leafy green escapism, exploring urban jungles and animals whilst raising awareness for mental health and expressing your feelings through the medium of art.


Artist website:

Instagram: @fernandesmakes

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