ART18 – Clap for Heroes

The Details:

Name: ART18 – Clap for Heroes

Artist: Donna Newman


The coronavirus outbreak has driven millions of people to shelter at home for long days of anxiousness and boredom. In country after country, people have responded by taking to their balconies, windows, and rooftops to sing to one another, to applaud and show gratitude to key workers, banging pots and pans and playing music to lift one another’s spirits. This design has been inspired by these events and celebrates our sense of community spirit.

Donna Newman is a freelance mural artist. Predominantly working in schools across the Midlands, she seeks to inspire young people by transforming their learning environments with her vibrant artwork. She is also an experienced painter of public art trails working closely with Wild in Art on numerous commissions and raising over £150,000 for charities through her sculpture sales.

#Stay Home

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Facebook: @EdenDesignsMurals

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