ART25 – Making History

The Details:

Name: ART25 – Making History

Artist: Karis Viola Lambert


Making History is inspired by the events that have shaped England recently, which will leave ripples for years to come. Whilst the decorative style is influenced by traditional British ceramics, nodding to our past, the scenes in between showcase some of the key positive moments of the last year. The panels commemorate how communities came together to support each other and catalyse change even in the most difficult times. It reminds us that every day, our small actions are shaping our own history for the better.

Karis Lambert believes that creativity can connect people, and this is what her artwork tries to achieve. As a working artist, Karis makes paintings, illustrations, comics, and murals from her home studio in Manchester. She brings a precise, modern style to traditional media including pen and ink – often depicting significant places and surrealist portraiture.

#Stay Home

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Instagram: @karisviola

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