ART56 – Lockdown

The Details:

Name: ART56 – Lockdown

Artist: Lei-Mai Lemeow


This sculpture tells two different stories of lockdown. On the front – digital smiles, happy claps for the NHS, a spiral pattern with the song title ‘Walk for Me’, an old rave song used to symbolise raves being replaced with walking. The chest reads ‘See you soon’ – a T-shirt and poster design the artist created during the first lockdown to raise money for charity – repeated, as was the lockdown! On the back another story – digital confusion, smiles flipped upside down, the unsure clapping of hands, a spiral pattern and the song title ‘Sofa King’ (by MF Doom who died during the pandemic) symbolising how hard it’s been to find get up and go.

Lei-Mai LeMaow is an artist and designer from Liverpool living in Manchester and painting worldwide. With a background in graffiti which sparked a natural love for lettering and painting walls; a love for illustration and a history of working with clothing and footwear, her work is an unapologetic mixture of medium, modern styles and techniques heavily based on memories from past raves.

#Zoom #Lockdown

Artist website:

Instagram: @LeiMai_LeMaow

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