ART40 – Fly Me a Rainbow

The Details:

Name: ART40 – Fly Me a Rainbow

Artist: Jina Gelder Illustration


During the pandemic as life slowed down, many of us explored the outdoors more and noticed more of what we maybe took for granted or didn’t notice before. Fly Me a Rainbow celebrates the beauty of the natural world around us and gratitude that nature provides a brief escape from any anxiety felt during the pandemic. It includes the artist’s favourite garden birds and the rainbow we all painted on our windows to honour key workers.

Jina is a wildlife artist and illustrator who, when not painting giant elephants, works in ink and watercolour. Jina strives to express life and movement in her work and captures the characters of her subject matter. She likes to make people smile and laugh through her paintings without being overly comical in her work.


Artist Website:

Instagram: @jina_gelder_illustration

Facebook: @JinaGelderIllustration

Twitter: @JinaGelder

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