ART17 – NHS Heroes

The Details:

Name: ART17 – NHS Heroes

Artist: Sandra Russell


NHS Heroes is inspired by the idea that our true heroes, our everyday heroes are the NHS workers, especially through the pandemic. Sandra Russell painted an oil portrait of a palliative care nurse for Portraits For NHS Heroes which was included in the online exhibition and subsequent book. This inspired the idea is that within NHS workers there are true heroes.

Sandra Russell is a painter, illustrator and storyboard artist. She mainly works for advertising agencies’ pre-production art studios drawing digitally how an advert will look like before it goes into production. Having painted a Wild in Art sculpture before and seeing how much people enjoy seeing and engaging with the sculptures, Sandra wanted to get involved with Gratitude as a way of expressing her support and admiration for the NHS and front line workers.

#NHS Heroes #Key workers

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Instagram: @sandrarussellart

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