ART07 – Botanical Gardens

The Details:

Name: ART07 – Botanical Gardens

Artist: Moheeni Paul


Inspired by the ancient art of henna and botanical gardens, nature is the core inspiration behind the design. It is also inspired by the nations hero’s and all key workers who despite the pandemic, have demonstrated true resilience and power to carry on pushing through obstacles. Together with colourful and vibrant traditional patterns, this sculpture represents the importance of human life on earth and the importance of nurturing and nourishing our mental health and physical being.

Moheeni Paul is a highly recognised contemporary artist. As well as creating and illustrating her own designs, Moheeni also teaches henna art on various surfaces such as candles and canvases, encouraging others to turn this timeless and ancient art into stylish designs. Her love for mandala art and Islamic geometry has created opportunities to combine henna art with a very spiritual symbol representing balance and harmony.


Artist website:

Instagram: @moheenipauldesigns

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