ART20 – The Healing Garden Angel

The Details:

Name: ART20 – The Healing Garden Angel

Artist: Caroline Jariwala: Mango Mosaics


This mosaic design is inspired by flora used for healing and medicinal purposes and includes flowers such as, echinacea, lotus, daisy, calendula and foxglove. An angel wears a decorative sari of flowers, her Mudra (hand gestures) pointing towards heaven and earth with an air of peacefulness and serenity.

Caroline Jariwala is an international mosaic artist with extensive experience in public and private commissioned projects as well as workshop facilitation in schools, galleries, and health and well-being settings in the UK and around the world. Caroline is best known as an ethical mosaic artist using chipped, rejected, thrown away and second hand crockery and cheap discontinued ceramic tiles, ordinarily destined for landfill. Her ingenious use of materials gives a new lease of life to create a much desired object of beauty.

Please note there may be an additional charge due to material costs. 


Artist website:

Instagram: @MangoMosaics

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