ART28 – Our Teacher Our Hero

The Details:

Name: ART28 – Our Teacher Our Hero

Artist: Megan Heather Evans


Our Teacher Our Hero pays tribute to all the teachers and educators who have kept working throughout Covid-19 – in the classroom for children attending school or online teaching remotely. They have been resilient to all the challenges thrown at them and supported parents with home schooling. The chalk board with ‘thank you’ written in various languages expands into a colourful design to represent teachers and how appreciated they are.

Megan Heather Evans is a Birmingham-based tattooist and artist, focusing mainly on sculpture painting and pet portraiture. After completing a Fine Art degree at Birmingham School of Art, Megan went on to complete her apprenticeship in tattooing and has tattooed full time for the past 6 years. Megan also takes on various commission work including pet portraiture and enjoys large-scale acrylic painting, working on many sculptures around the country for various art trails.

#Key Workers

Artist Website:

Twitter: @meganevansart

Instagram: @meganevansartist


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