ART45 – Nation’s Embrace

The Details:

Name: ART45 – Nation’s Embrace

Artist: Holy Moly


Nation’s Embrace expresses a sense of collective appreciation by enveloping the key worker figure with the loving embrace of a nation. Selecting hand gestures that were indicative of the sort of interactions they provide: a sympathetic arm around the shoulder, a hug from behind or selfless helping hand. They serve as a poignant reminder of what we’ve lost and what we crave too! The embrace of our loved ones.. or strangers…anyone really at this point!

Carl Cozier (aka Holy Moly) is an illustrator/designer from Bristol. He is a curious and thoughtful designer and likes to experiment with narrative, favouring vibrant colours and patterns. During the pandemic he was moved to produce some work that he would deem public service or agitprop even – making artwork to support charities and causes he believes in. Recent work includes a piece in support of healthcare professionals which was projected on skyscapers across the US and UK and featured on the adobe homepage for a few weeks which was an immense honour.


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Instagram: @holymolyuk

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