ART21 – Above and Beyond

The Details:

Name: ART21 – Above and Beyond

Artist: Sally Adams


In classic formation Flypast tribute, white doves zoom up the sky-blue sculpture, creating a pin-striped pattern of vapour trails as they go. On the front, one deviates to show its affection. Around the base are the words ‘NJS above and beyond’ in recognition of the level of dedication our NHS has gone to during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A former London prop-maker, Sally later studied art in Taunton, Norwich, and Cambridge and she has worked on countless art projects and public commissions in Norfolk. Sally won the EDP GoGoGorilla design competition in 2013, and has worked on Wild in Art trails nationwide ever since. For fun, she’s also called #TheDuckorator, decorating large sponsored ducks for pre-COVID charity duck races.

#Rainbows #Hope #Angels

Twitter: @hammamelis

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