ART15 -Thankful, for you

The Details:

Name: ART15 -Thankful, for you

Artist: Caroline Dowsett


Thankful, for you are the words which the artist feels so strongly for all the hard work and care that every single person as a front line worker has so generously provided for the public. The colours and shapes represent the florals, almost like abstract flowers that the artist would like to give to all, the colours providing the bright hope that has, and is getting us though this hard time.

Caroline Dowsett is an illustrator and maker from Manchester, working from her desk in the Engine House studio at Islington Mill. Her work is fluid and playful, focusing on colours and shapes inspired by nature and the everyday. She works in a range of mediums; paper, paint, ceramics and textiles.

#Thank you

Artist website:

Instagram: @caroline_dowsett

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