ART10 – I Am Thankful For…

The Details:

Name: ART10 – I Am Thankful For…

Artist: Harkiran Kalsi


The design is inspired by all the things that make us feel grateful for being alive and appreciating the small things. It is asking the viewer, what makes them grateful. To stop for a moment and feel a sense of happiness even if their day has been hard. The idea is when seeing the design to slow down and smile.

Harkiran is a freelance illustrator, muralist, designer and activist. Her bubbly lettering style has been influenced by graffiti. She finds inspiration from a wide variety of sources, like running, cycling, reading, music, art, Ted Talks etc. Words are her passion and finds them powerful as they can motivate people to do something great in their life. She loves to inspire people to connect with themselves and find meaning in their own lives. She also uses her work to highlight injustices that we as people face, in the hopes to empower and inspire others to actively do something about it.

#Rainbows #Hope #Angels

Artist website:

Instagram: @harkirankkalsi

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