ART01 – Community Strength

The Details:

Name: ART01 – Community Strength

Artist: MrASingh


Community Strength is dedicated to all of the fantastic voluntary key workers from diverse backgrounds and walks of life who played a pivotal role during the pandemic and continue to do so today. The elegant design represents their value and unique contributions, wrapped in a ‘quilt of appreciation and protection’ and uses a combination of rich metallic colours, texture and glitter, with strong geometric shapes that contrast the androgynous curvature of the overall sculpture. 

Amrit Singh (artist name, MrASingh) is an award-winning artist who creates notable intricate art using various mixed media techniques and vivid colour. His art is a salute to nature’s beauty which is a gentle reminder that if we look carefully, patterns can be found in all of nature’s creations. MrASingh focuses on this beauty, mixed with inspiration from world cultures, and amplified through rich textures, mesmerising line work and impressive storytelling. His art has been featured in over 25 exhibitions and in major city locations all over the UK, US and Europe. 


Artist website:

Twitter: @MrASingh 

Instagram: @MrASingh


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