ART48 – Blanket of Unity

The Details:

Name: ART48 – Blanket of Unity

Artist: Art + Believe


The much loved blanket is nurturing, keeps you warm, is always there for you and makes you feel safe. It perfectly emulates the amazing commitment, efforts and talents shown by all the incredible key workers across the UK. In gratitude to them this vibrant, colourful, geometric blanket wraps around the sculpture to represent their commitment and unity to us all.

ART+BELIEVE’ are urban graphical artists based in Brighton, UK. They bring bold, geometric designs to cityscapes around the world. Their inspiration comes from their travels and the different cultures they have visited. They have
painted everything from palaces, tower blocks, roof tops, interiors, stairwells, basketball courts, bus stops, trains to full size bendy buses! They always look to push the boundaries of where art is possible and to bring as much colour and energy to a space.


Artist Website:

Instagram: @artbelieve

Facebook: @iartbelieve

Twitter: @artbelieve

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