ART37 – Good Folk

The Details:

Name: ART37 – Good Folk

Artist: Lynne Hollingsworth


Good Folk is a traditional yet beautiful tribute to all good folk. It is inspired by folk art symbols and motifs and the traditional Derbyshire well-dressings, where bold artwork is used to offer thanks and gratitude. The contrasting colours on the front and back symbolise the shifting of dark to light. Decorative and thought provoking it complements the exploratory, uplifting nature of this event.

Lynne Hollingsworth is an award-winning artist and designer and a leading female mural artist. Lynne is head of the HD Art Creative Studio where she works predominantly on mural design and illustration projects. After graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, she worked as an Art Gallery Exhibitions Officer and Art Curator. Following her post-graduate study, she worked as a Head of Art and Design, a Head of Graphics and a co-ordinator for Advanced Art and Design Studies. Lynne was invited to exhibit her artwork personally for HRH Prince of Wales.

#Thank you

Artist Website: 

Twitter: @paintingtheroom

Instagram: @paintingtheroom

Facebook: @hdartcreativestudio

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