ART14 – A Wild Ride

The Details:

Name: ART14 – A Wild Ride

Artist: Nocciola The Drawer


A Wild Ride is inspired by the rollercoaster that has been life since Covid-19 arrived in our world. It has been an unpredictable time with many twists and turns and the whole time the NHS has adapted and been there to ride each wave. The design also features animals which have had much more freedom to roam while we have been at home. It has been a very difficult time but love has been shown and shared between us during this wild ride we have been living.

Nocciola The Drawer’s work is bright, bold and colourful and combines characters with lively patterns. Her art is inspired by memories, childlike imagination and enthusiasm for life, all with the aim to uplift, inspire, empower and celebrate. She loves creating murals and public street art as she believes it can bring an unexpected inspiration or joy to someone’s day. She tries to spread my joy of life one splash of a colour at a time.

#Stay Home

Artist website:

Instagram: @nocciolathedrawer

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